Review of Forex broker Liberty Commercial Finance Limited
  • Lily Chen
  • 01.11.2023

Liberty Commercial Finance Limited is a Forex broker that actively seeks to collaborate with traders. However, before investing your hard-earned money, it's prudent to scrutinize reviews and recommendations to avoid falling into the trap of swindlers. This article will delve into the key facts and evidence that Liberty Commercial Finance Limited is a scamming entity.

Registration and Licensing

Liberty Commercial Finance Limited's registration and relevant licensing are some of the primary indicators of a trustworthy broker. While investigating information about this Forex broker, we found a glaring absence of credible data about their registration and licensing. This lack of transparency raises severe doubts about the company's reliability and legitimacy.

Liberty Commercial Finance Limited Customer Reviews

A pivotal aspect in assessing a broker's trustworthiness is their customer reviews. We analyzed various sources, including popular review websites, to form a comprehensive picture of traders' sentiment towards Liberty Commercial Finance Limited.

Positive Reviews

Some reviews about Liberty Commercial Finance Limited contained positive comments from clients who claimed to have received high profits and lauded the company's effective operations. However, it's worth noting these reviews might be fabricated or written by the company's employees to lure in new clients.

Negative Reviews

More substantial reviews highlighted the issues traders faced while working with Liberty Commercial Finance Limited. Numerous clients complained about an inability to withdraw funds, account blockages, and a lack of support from the company. These facts point to Liberty Commercial Finance Limited's unreliability and incompetence as a Forex broker.

Communication with Liberty Commercial Finance Limited Representatives

Many traders who attempted to contact Liberty Commercial Finance Limited representatives report unprofessionalism and incompetence. Often, they failed to provide clear answers to traders' queries and exhibited aggressive behavior when difficulties arose. Such attitudes erode trust in Liberty Commercial Finance Limited and further underline its unreliability.

Recovering Your Money from Liberty Commercial Finance Limited Scammers

If you've fallen victim to Liberty Commercial Finance Limited and lost your money, several options can be considered for fund recovery:

  1. Contact Law Enforcement Agencies: If you're certain you've been scammed, you can report to the police or other competent authorities to initiate an investigation.
  2. Seek Specialized Lawyers: There are companies and lawyers specializing in recovering money from fraudulent brokers. They have experience in such cases and can assist you in seeking justice.
  3. Share Your Experience: Sharing your encounter with Liberty Commercial Finance Limited scammers can help other traders avoid similar scams. Share your story on forums, social media, or blogs to warn others about the risks of dealing with this company.


Liberty Commercial Finance Limited raises serious doubts about its reliability and honesty. The lack of registration and licensing, negative customer reviews, and incompetent service affirm that Liberty Commercial Finance Limited is a fraudulent company whose aim is to deceive traders. Exercise caution and vigilance when choosing your broker to avoid falling prey to scammers.

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