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Foreigners can't buy a home for two years

Foreigners can't buy a home for two years. This ban took effect on January 1, 2023 in Canada. This law has more disadvantages than advantages.

Innovation in the food and cooking industry brings real results

A review of some great Quebec innovations in organic food and cooking. Let's focus not on trends, but on the research and development results that can now be found on grocery store shelves.

Metro executives' annual bonuses rise amid inflation

Annual bonuses for Metro's top five executives rose 13.7 percent as skyrocketing food inflation boosted the grocery company's sales.

World Tradig Organisation rules against Washington

The United States is going against international trade rules by labeling goods imported from Hong Kong as "made in China," a move made by the former Trump administration, the World Trade Organization said Wednesday.

Last Articles?

Education: 5 steps of a strategic approach

To ensure competitive positioning in your target market, you need to develop a strategic approach. This approach takes into account all the key success factors of a new project.

Which are the 4r’s and 7r’s of the marketing mix?

Originally there were 4 main components of the marketing mix study, but now in the expanded modern version there are 7 and they can be compared to a checklist to follow to make sure that every aspect of the commercial proposal has been worked out.

What is PESTEL analysis?

The PESTEL analysis is a strategic analysis tool that allows companies to identify the external factors that affect their business.

The Buffett Indicator, Relevant but Imperfect

First proposed in 2001 by star investor Warren Buffett, the Buffett indicator continues to remain above the statistical average. Is this a bad omen for U.S. markets? A look at the ratio that continues to attract attention.

Analytical Articles?

Cryptocurrency in 2023

The world of cryptocurrency and its shocks in the stock market, industry and media. Prospective entrepreneurs, forecasting the industrial and societal impact of this digital currency.

Enterpreneurship: from project idea to business creation

The evolution of the economy is leaving more and more room for entrepreneurship. More and more people are trying their hand and flourishing through their creative project. However, entrepreneurship is a complex process. To succeed, it is important to

The Stock Market: Wall Street rose slightly, expecting a year-end decline

The New York Stock Exchange rose slightly on Friday, analyzing contrasting indicators that fuel the idea of continued monetary tightening but are poised for a year-end rebound.

The U.S.-China trade war over semiconductors is fragmenting value chains

The U.S.-China trade war over semiconductors is fragmenting value chains. As a result, production costs for chipmakers are rising, leading to higher prices for electronics and IT products.

Broker Reviews?

Fxandequity is not a broker. It's a scam!

Today we will tell you why Fxandequity is a typical scammer and in addition we will teach you how to identify scam organizations by telling you what they look like, etc.

Review of forex broker Clark Financial Advisory Limited

As you can see, this organization is definitely not fraudulent. Clark Financial Advisory Limited meets the requirements of the modern forex market.

Forex broker Keller Finance

In our review of forex broker Keller Finance, we will consider the strengths of the firm and also dwell on the shortcomings found to help you make a rational and informed choice.

Overton Partners ltd: broker overview

In this review of forex broker Overton Partners ltd we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company to help you make a considered and informed choice.


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