• Lily Chen
  • 06.03.2023

Probably if you are reading this article you have already got the notion of how Forex companies work, the relationship between the trader and the broker and other major nuances, which are a good starting point to get acquainted with the Forex market. In short, the basic information has been already received and assimilated and the only thing to do is to choose a company. In this review of forex broker Overton Partners ltd we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company to help you make a considered and informed choice.

Overton Partners ltd - official website

Almost any material about choosing a broker advises to pay attention to the web resource of the company. Without a doubt, this is not a panacea. But the simple rules below bring results, and there is definitely no need to neglect them. Strange and confusing navigation, irrelevant links, unaesthetic design, absence of standard broker details (license, contacts, feedback forms, description of cooperation terms) - all these are obvious signs of fly-by-night companies, if not outright swindlers. A Forex broker that respects itself and its clients watches out for these things.

The official website of Overton Partners ltd is not overloaded with redundant details. But the site contains everything necessary for the first-time visitor and for the client who visits the site often. Although, the client is not interested in the general information but in the cabinet, to which we'll come back a little later.

How do you describe the first impression? The site of Overton Partners ltd does not contain things to be wary of. The information is given in an accessible way, the navigation is clear, the basic information is found without any problems. As a last resort - there is a search on the site, however, a reason to use it was not found. Contact information, forms of contact, license details, customer reviews - all present. The design does not give the impression of boring or created on the fly. Preliminary conclusion - the official site Overton Partners ltd main parameters correspond.

Types of accounts Overton Partners ltd

Nevertheless, our interest is quite specific, so let's try to take a closer look at the nuances. For example, let's take an interest in opening a forex trading account with Overton Partners ltd. There are not many variants, but it's realistic to choose the account type most suitable for the planned turnover. The conditions, commissions, leverage - everything is explained, you can choose the most comfortable account. And proof of identity - hackers never sleep without it. I would rather be worried about its complete absence, but it's here.

And now it's time to check another standard, but still a working truth - the brokerage firm earns on spreads. Consequently, excessively low spread rates would be a clear warning. Simply put, if the company isn't interested in your spreads, it will make money off you through other methods. Perhaps not entirely legitimate. There's no problem here either - the spreads of Overton Partners ltd as a forex broker are generally in line with the market average. Not perfect averages, but very close, deviations are not significant.

Overton Partners ltd - online support

Now let's test the feedback forms. Let's imagine that we have a question about registering an account with Overton Partners ltd. Saturday noon is not the best time for online consultation, but it will help you to find the answer speed. We send the question in the support chat and duplicate it by e-mail, timing it. The answers come on Monday - earlier in the chat, a little later by email, both answers - within the stated deadlines. The preliminary conclusion is that Overton Partners ltd does not save on the support service, but does not spend too much on it either.

Overton Partners ltd - cabinet

We got the account types, we got the identity verification, we got the answer to our question, next step is to see how it looks like in reality. The investor's account is quite simple to use, there are no confusing buttons and checkboxes, the basic tools are in place. There are technical analysis indicators. Design and usability are well developed, but for an experienced user it is not enough opportunities to customize the account. As far as this theme is concerned, the Overton Partners ltd trader's profile is exactly as it should be.

Overton Partners ltd - withdrawal methods

Everything looks quite decent, but there is one more marker of the forex-platforms, which allows you to talk about their safety. An indirect, but no less important condition is the variety of withdrawal methods. Priority - the most common, for example, to the cards of banks and payment systems. If there is a withdrawal exclusively in crypto - this is no longer a warning signal, but a whole beacon, warning of danger.

What does Overton Partners ltd site contain? Several ways to withdraw money at your discretion, and first of all quite familiar. The verdict on this point: the forex broker targets a significant segment of the market, not just advanced financial frontline traders or freaks for whom a false sense of anonymity is most important.

Client Opinions

Preliminary analysis and our own impressions are quite practical and proven indicators, but something is still missing to answer the question of whether we are ready to trust Overton Partners ltd to trade. Let's try to find out what its traders think about the forex broker.

Michael, 36, Frankfurt am Main (Germany): "I wouldn't call myself a professional, but I've been following forex platforms for quite some time, and have tried working with different brokers. I don't take risks and don't invest much in my account - I earned it, I withdrew it. The standard Overton Partners ltd forex account is basically suitable for my needs, even with a margin. No problems with withdrawal or delays, as well as delays in responding to inquiries. No, any difficulties, I just think it's better to find out if you don't understand right away and for sure. Online help from Overton Partners ltd is fine."

Isaac, 28 (Liverpool, England): "I am relatively new to forex and Overton Partners ltd is the fourth broker I have worked with. Investment concepts are not really my thing, in fact I'm looking to invest free money, exploring different ways. What are the good things about forex brokers? I care about tangible results and the ability to fund my account or vice versa, to easily withdraw the money I earned. My last broker had difficulties with it, so I closed my account with him and transferred the funds to the account of Overton Partners ltd".

Laura, 39, Albacete (Spain): "Trading is my passion, it has nothing to do with work at all. I have no idea why, I've just been curious about this topic all my life. Currency market is one of its manifestations, so to say. Of course, my portfolio does not have hundreds of thousands, but for earnings with Overton Partners ltd they are not needed, thank God. I log in to my account when I have free time. Orders are executed on time, there are no hiccups or crashes on the platform, that is what is most important to me.

Summary: advantages and disadvantages

So, we've explored the Overton Partners ltd website and have a quick look at its functionality. What are the conclusions? First of all, some observations. For starters, the support. Yes, answers are given at the said time, but if an investor has an urgent question? And given the differences in time zones, it may happen when the operator is not available, and on the FAQ page the necessary information to the investor may not be. The 21st century offers a lot of opportunities to organize 24/7 support. Perhaps it's not necessary not to use?

Another drawback is the investor profile. Everything is intuitively simple, but a small number of customization tools cuts the eye. And we are not talking about it from the position of some forex market specialists. Suppose that an investor who has switched from another platform to Overton Partners ltd, just wants to change the software the way he is more accustomed to. Why not give him this opportunity? Another thorn in the side of the platform is the number of languages in which support is available. There may well be more from a trader's perspective.

Next, let's move on to the advantages. The official website of Overton Partners ltd looks adequate, there are no obvious signs of a fly-by-night company or other negative signals. This is a definite plus.

The functionality of the site, profile, trading conditions, account types, online help from Overton Partners ltd meets the needs and aspirations of the average client of the forex broker, as we see it. Another strong point.

A lot of withdrawal options are stated on the website and confirmed by investors using Overton Partners ltd services online. Reviews and complaints about delays or other difficulties with the withdrawal of funds could not be found, including searches on specialized sites and all sorts of blacklists. This too, understandably, passes under the class of advantages.  

In principle, the opinion is good, the advantages are quite obvious, and the weaknesses can easily be corrected if desired and a relatively small investment of resources. As for the information in our review of Overton Partners ltd, the reader can easily see it for himself by looking at the company's website. We do not force you to start work on the Forex market - everyone makes this decision for himself. However, if you have read this article to the end, the decision has probably already been made.

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