• Lily Chen
  • 06.03.2023

This material covers the following topics:

  1. Why it is especially important to choose a broker carefully in 2023;
  2. Is Clark Financial Advisory Limited a fraudster?
  3. Comparing a broker to the usual scammers;
  4. What conclusions can be drawn from the reviews of Clark Financial Advisory Limited?
  5. What strengths did we see in the work of the broker.

What is important to understand in 2023 about choosing a broker?

Recently on the expanses of the World Wide Web appears more and more scam. It can be seen in different facts, for example, a noticeable increase in the number of bad reviews, which can be reduced to describing how a trader was cheated or how he was provided with low-grade services, which eventually led to losses. Things are not much better with the quality of services of legal brokerage firms and the hard economic situation in the world is the reason for that. Investors decide to save money and investment flows to brokerage firms go down. Brokers start solving this problem by reducing the expenses and saving as they lose profit on commissions and the consequence of all this is a strong decrease of the service quality. The same cannot be said about the forex broker Clark Financial Advisory Limited. This is already a significant reason to choose them. In forums they also constantly say that the quality of the broker's analytics, signals and forecasts has decreased over the past few years. Most likely it has to do with the situation on the world financial markets. Financial markets are in a difficult situation, nobody knows what's really going on. In this connection it is very important to choose the broker, which can provide the clients with profit in the long-term outlook. 

But traders who are interested in this company can legitimately ask themselves a question: Why Clark Financial Advisory Limited is not a fraud? This question we will consider further.

Is this broker is a fraud?

Let's remember the parameters for defining a fraud broker together, and then check the broker in question according to these indicators. The most important criterion for defining fraud is, without a doubt, the lack of a license from the regulatory authority, and also legally correct documentation, such as a public offer agreement. Clark Financial Advisory Limited has both. In addition, it is important to check how the company communicates with clients who have left an application for advice. Criminals almost always contact the victims and try to take their personal funds as soon as possible. We left an application and received a call from a representative of Clark Financial Advisory Limited. From the dialogue, it became clear that the representatives of Clark Financial Advisory Limited do not allow themselves such a thing. 

We also tested the platform for two days trading Forex with Clark Financial Advisory Limited and withdrew funds. We have not found anything abnormal in the process of trading with the broker and the withdrawal also went without problems. As a rule, scammers on platforms have so-called slippage, i.e. the difference between the price of an asset when an order was triggered and when it triggered. It takes place at white brokers as well, but swindlers regularly do this trick and thus take the money for themselves. This has not been seen with Clark Financial Advisory Limited.

What do the reviews on Clark Financial Advisory Limited say?

The ratio of bad to good reviews on the company is not alarming. There are an order of magnitude more positive opinions than bad ones. The average critical review on the broker does not contain information about fraudulent actions and it is almost always a criticism of the service, in particular comments regarding the profitability of working with the broker. At the Sitejabber and Trustpilot forums it is the same, and this is important, because it is very difficult to influence the reputation at such forums, in fact it is unreal and this is connected to the work of moderators and anti-spam algorithms. Good fame broker Clark Financial Advisory Limited exactly on these sites can be considered as another reliable criterion for reliability. In positive reviews it is mostly said about the reliability of the broker, talk about a good quality of analytics and decent profitability from cooperation. Investors also write about the rapid response time of orders on the platform of Clark Financial Advisory Limited, which is quite important for Forex. The reviews of the broker do not give the impression that they are not real. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of trading Forex with Clark Financial Advisory Limited?

The most significant strengths of Clark Financial Advisory Limited are:

  • Stability and high liquidity;
  • Relatively low commissions;
  • Withdrawals are faster than competitors;
  • The terms and conditions of forex broker Clark Financial Advisory Limited are well suited for novice traders.

Of the disadvantages of Clark Financial Advisory Limited can be noted:

  • Lack of zero commissions;
  • Standard deposit size;
  • Limited range of assets for beginners.

Conclusions. Is it worth choosing the forex broker Clark Financial Advisory Limited?

As you can see, this organization is definitely not fraudulent. Clark Financial Advisory Limited meets the requirements of the modern forex market. We will not claim that the broker is suitable for all categories of investors, this is obviously not the case. But for novice traders, as well as traders with average experience Clark Financial Advisory Limited is definitely suitable. Forex broker Clark Financial Advisory Limited deserves a rating above average.

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