Review and expose the scam broker Oculustrade
  • Lily Chen
  • 30.10.2023

The world of Forex trading can be unpredictable, fraught with entities that seem to be beneficial allies on your financial journey but are driven by hidden agendas. One such entity is Oculustrade, a Forex broker whose practices have raised many concerns. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive insight into Oculustrade's operations, shedding light on the warning signs suggesting it may be more of a menace than a partner.

1. Introduction to Oculustrade

Oculustrade made its debut in the Forex market just a month ago. In this brief period, it has managed to secure a spot in the blacklists of several international registrars. A glaring absence of regulatory supervision over Oculustrade's activities is evident, and reports of non-payment to its clients are worryingly rampant. The company is also blamed for aggressive and unprofessional behavior, offering its services only to those registered in Switzerland.

2. Examining Oculustrade's Website

A company's website provides a peek into its operations. In the case of Oculustrade, this peek seems to be both murky and hastily assembled. The website lacks a secure connection, quality design, and readable fonts. It is also challenging to locate on search engines, indicating a lack of organic traffic. Text blocks on the website are littered with errors and external links. Alarmingly, the site lacks any significant information about the company, such as legal documents and customer support contact details.

3. The Oculustrade Trading Platform

Oculustrade does not boast its trading terminal. Instead, it provides an unknown application for stock market operations. Mobile trading is not well-developed, and there are ample negative reviews online suggesting that Oculustrade might be operating a scam.

4. Misleading Advertising and Technical Manipulation

Oculustrade is accused of distorting news and conducting technical manipulations. It lacks a properly structured user agreement and does not adhere to the contract's terms. The company is notorious for levying additional charges and initiating aggressive contact with potential clients.

5. Red Flags of Oculustrade's Deceptive Operations

Beyond a substandard website and missing registration details, Oculustrade engages in cold-calling, assertively contacting clients from various numbers. It also sends unsolicited emails and messages on social platforms, indicating a pushy and intrusive marketing approach. The company's support service is unresponsive, and there are reports of psychological pressure applied by its employees. Here are some reasons why opening an account with Oculustrade is ill-advised:

  • Unbelievably low percentages
  • Absence of fixed commissions
  • Delayed order execution
  • Automatic cancellation of trades
  • Additional charges not mentioned in the contract
  • Difficulty in finding the website on search engines
  • Issues with the user agreement
  • The recent emergence of the brand
  • Price manipulations
  • Hidden documents
  • Services limited to Swiss registrants
  • Lack of regulatory control
  • False promises of instant profits
  • Overbearing behavior
  • Publication of misleading statistics

6. The Damaged Reputation of Oculustrade

Oculustrade has managed to significantly sully its reputation in a short period. It has violated existing standards, failed to make payments, and earned a less than favorable reputation.

7. Oculustrade: A Deficit of Trust

Oculustrade is difficult to label as a legitimate company, as there is no evidence confirming the legality of its operations. The service has received numerous negative reviews, accusing it of dishonesty and non-payment. To inflate its rating, Oculustrade resorts to using bots to post repetitive positive reviews.

8. The Manipulative Practices of Oculustrade

Oculustrade's history is littered with discrepancies and misleading moments. It's impossible to verify the company's registration, but it is known to manipulate prices periodically, create artificial demand, and generate false signals for investors. While it offers a leverage option, the conditions are ambiguously outlined.

9. False Reporting and Use of Spoofing by Oculustrade

Oculustrade regularly publishes false data and fictitious analytical reports, misleading traders. It also employs 'spoofing,' creating an illusion of price depreciation by mimicking futures orders, thereby generating artificial demand.

10. Oculustrade's Lack of Transparency and Security

Oculustrade has been accused of withholding risk-related information and suggesting unverified payment systems. The security of clients' data is questionable, implying that it could be freely shared with malicious entities. The safety of payments is also dubious as transferring funds is suggested through unknown systems.

All things considered, Oculustrade is a Forex broker that serves as a warning to all potential Forex traders. It's crucial to be cautious of such entities and conduct thorough research before entrusting them with your hard-earned money. Remember, in the Forex market, it's not just about making the right investment choices, but also about avoiding the wrong ones.

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