News Future: Exposing Forex Scammers
  • Lily Chen
  • 24.11.2023

Forex trading has become a popular method of investment, attracting a multitude of traders globally. While this growth has led to the emergence of numerous Forex brokers providing trading platforms, some unscrupulous entities exploit this platform for fraudulent activities. One such entity is News Future. In this article, we expose the truth behind News Future, a Forex broker whose operations reek of deceit and malpractice.

The First Red Flags: Website and Registration

The journey with any broker begins on their website, serving as the primary platform for interaction. A cursory evaluation of the News Future website raises immediate concerns. The site is a generic template, identical to many others implicated in fraudulent activities. It is poorly constructed, laden with textual errors, and lacks integration with essential services required for full-fledged stock market operations.

Further, News Future fails to provide any legal documents, and contacting their support team seems impossible. Moreover, the website lacks a secure connection; there is no special encryption to protect client data, posing a potential risk of data leakage and unauthorized third-party access.

The Mirage of Regulation

News Future's operations have been in effect for barely a month, but it has already caught the attention of international regulators and made it to their blacklist. The regulators listed on its website are non-existent, and registration remains unconfirmed. The absence of a secure connection on their website and the lack of special encryption for data protection could lead to personal information leaks and third-party transfers.

The Tactics of Deception

News Future operates on deceit, posing as a legitimate Forex broker. The company has been repeatedly caught falsifying news and manipulating technical information. They regularly publish false reports and outdated quotes, and concoct statistics that mislead traders. This manipulation leads traders to make incorrect decisions, resulting in unprofitable transactions and subsequent loss of funds.

Questionable Financial Operations

News Future suggests traders use a dubious settlement account and electronic wallet for financial operations. Neither standard payment systems nor a formal user agreement is in place. The website frequently hangs, and orders are executed with significant delays. Sometimes, positions are automatically closed. Several negative reviews about News Future indicate the impossibility of withdrawing money from their account.

The Illusion of a Trustworthy Website

There's no specific information about the broker's platform online, and the website is difficult to locate through search engines. The domain name is newly registered, and there's no secure connection. The interface is uncomfortable, lacks categorical division, and active buttons are not always operational. The website has numerous typos and errors, and the homepage features an enticing offer promising immediate income without risks. Certain fonts are practically illegible, and information about payment systems is missing, as are details about News Future itself. Here are some additional suspicious elements on the site:

  1. Links to download third-party software
  2. Terms and conditions are only visible after registration
  3. Not all website pages are filled
  4. No legal address or "Data Privacy Policy" section
  5. No special encryption
  6. Account number and e-wallet listed as payment details

The site takes long to load, freezes, and graphics are displayed incorrectly. There are no news updates, and "expert" comments seem dubious. Quotes significantly differ from market rates, and ads pop up periodically. The color scheme is not particularly pleasing, and access to the personal cabinet can be blocked at any moment. Two-factor authentication is not provided.

The Proof is in the Reviews

Beyond problems with the website, the company has been caught inflating their rating and publishing false positive reviews. This manipulation is done through special bots. All the favorable comments are identical, but if real clients are to be believed, this is a typical scammer who does not pay out funds. Additionally, the broker initiates contact, practices calls from hidden numbers, and applies psychological pressure. They behave rudely, aggressively, and intrusively, sending out social media mailshots and regularly launching ads with implausible offers.

Why You Shouldn't Trust News Future

News Future does not meet market standards, lacks a proper user agreement, has a website without a secure connection, delays in executing orders, charges for withdrawals, and suggests dubious methods for financial operations. It automatically closes positions without trader warning, does not inform about risks, is not displayed in the search engine, is less than a month old, creates artificial demand, hides all contact and legal information, and you can only review the terms after registration. It promises immediate earnings, publishes false data, lacks verified technical and financial tools, and has a large number of negative reviews.

News Future is a fraudulent broker with a poor reputation and debt to its clients. It should not be trusted. The company's legality has not been confirmed, and it publishes identical positive reviews using bots. There are numerous gaps in its history, registration cannot be checked, and the regulators listed are nothing more than a fiction. The website is of poor quality, and all graphical elements are displayed incorrectly. News Future is a fraud, luring in traders with empty promises of instant profits. No one talks about risks, and there is simply no support service. Training is chargeable. Employees actively impose not only non-existent investment products but also a "unique" course. It's best not to associate with such a company.


News Future raises serious doubts about its reliability and honesty. The absence of registration and a license, negative customer reviews, and incompetent service confirm that News Future is a fraudulent Forex broker whose aim is to deceive traders. Be careful and cautious in choosing your broker to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters.

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