Mineplex: Beware of the Deceptive Broker
  • Lily Chen
  • 22.11.2023

In the world of trading, your success is largely determined by your chosen broker. A reliable broker not only facilitates your transactions but also contributes to your profitability. Unfortunately, the trading industry is riddled with fraudulent entities like Mineplex, a broker known for duping its clients. With numerous negative reviews online, it’s clear that Mineplex is a platform you should avoid. This article will detail why Mineplex is a scammer, and why you should be aware of its unethical practices.

Unprofessional Conduct

Mineplex, operating without valid licenses, has been flagged for its unprofessional conduct and violation of regulatory rules. The platform is infamous for not processing withdrawals, and its customer service is almost non-existent. The quality of their website is subpar at best, with no clear user agreement but promises of low commissions and zero risk. This should already raise a red flag as no trading platform can guarantee zero risks.

False Claims and Deceptive Practices

Despite being a new platform, Mineplex has made outrageous claims of having years of experience and millions of registered accounts – claims which have been proven false. The lack of proper documentation and transparency in their operations makes it evident that Mineplex is a fraudster. The absence of any legal or financial information on their website, combined with sketchy financial reports and a dubious history, further validates these accusations.

Manipulation of Prices

Mineplex has been caught red-handed manipulating the prices of certain stocks. By artificially inflating or deflating the prices, they create false market signals to deceive their clients. They also regularly publish false reports and recommendations on their website and social media platforms, misleading their traders.

Specific Fraudulent Tactics Employed by Mineplex

Here are some specific fraudulent tactics employed by Mineplex:

  1. Spoofing: Mineplex simulates futures buy/sell orders at lower prices, creating a false impression of a price drop.
  2. Artificial Demand Creation: Mineplex uses computer programs to effect buys and sells, influencing the prices of financial instruments and increasing investor interest.
  3. Promotion of Phantom Investment Schemes: The company guarantees instant income from non-existent products, and regularly showcases false client results.

Lack of Transparency and Aggressive Marketing

Mineplex is far from transparent. The profit figures they present are exaggerated, and they suggest dubious methods for withdrawals. Their staff are known to initiate contact, aggressively pushing their services. They bombard potential clients with daily spam messages on social media, messengers, and emails, offering unrealistic conditions to lure them in with the promise of high profits and low commissions. It's important to note that the company is not regulated, and its registration details are hidden.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Mineplex

Mineplex has a slew of negative client reviews, with many customers falling victim to their dishonest practices. Almost no one has been able to withdraw their money, and there have been reports of pressure from staff. Their support service is non-functional, and mobile trading is underdeveloped. Moreover, they have been known to levy additional charges not mentioned in the agreement, and fail to educate clients about the risks involved.

Red Flags That Indicate Mineplex is a Scam

Here are several reasons why you should avoid opening an account with Mineplex:

  1. Lack of financial reports
  2. Dubious terms and conditions
  3. Hidden user agreement
  4. No licenses or legal documents
  5. The brand is less than a month old
  6. Absence of trading education
  7. Price manipulation
  8. Promotion of non-existent investment products


Mineplex repeatedly violates regulatory standards, deceives its clients, fails to fulfill its obligations, aggressively solicits, and does not process withdrawals. It's advisable to steer clear of this broker to avoid potential financial loss, as their activities strongly suggest they are nothing more than a scammer.

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