InvLiviana is a scammer. Proven by reviews
  • Lily Chen
  • 24.10.2023

There's a lot to be said about a broker by its client reviews and the quality of its website. These are key indicators to consider when selecting a professional intermediary. It's hard to label InvLiviana, a Forex-broker, as reliable. This service has not been around for more than a month and already has accumulated numerous negative reviews. The terms are vague, fees are high, and there's a system of penalties and sanctions. Access to the customer account can be blocked at any moment, and it's practically impossible to withdraw money. The company's website is also less than satisfactory. It hangs, graphic elements are incorrectly displayed, and many sections contain no information. The color scheme isn't too successful, there's annoying advertising, and the fonts are quite hard to read.

The Absence of Security Measures

InvLiviana lacks special encryption to safeguard data, and fly-by-night services are used for conducting payments. All these point towards another scam. The support service doesn't respond to requests, because it simply doesn't exist. All documents are hidden, and there's no integration with services for working on Forex. Trustworthy trading tools are not provided, and regulators do not monitor the service's activities. The intermediary regularly publishes false analytical data, forges signals, and behaves unprofessionally, aggressively, and intrusively.

What's Wrong with InvLiviana's Advertisement?

The company promises to earn a large sum without much effort, literally within a couple of hours. It sounds tempting, but in fact, it's not very realistic. Possible risks are not mentioned. They also present unbelievable stories as examples, supposedly a person changed their life in a day, having a couple of dollars in the account. InvLiviana also uses photographs of famous personalities, presenting them as their clients. The broker tries to appear more credible and reliable this way. The advertisement is overly intrusive. It's broadcasted not only on social networks but also on various websites. Here's what else indicates fraudulent actions:

  • Unclearly formulated conditions. Important details are concealed, commissions are not specified, and withdrawal conditions are not clarified.
  • Use of complex terminology.
  • Emphasis on the urgency and limited nature of the offer. InvLiviana exerts pressure, forcing you to top up the account, implying that such an opportunity will not occur again.
  • Use of spam messages, bulk mailings via email.

The company has also been noticed in demanding prepayments and extracting personal information. They often call from hidden numbers even outside of working hours. All this confirms that InvLiviana is a scam.

What Do Reviews Say About InvLiviana?

The broker uses bots that publish good comments on all possible platforms. They are all practically identical, consisting of a couple of sentences, where everyone naturally praises the company. In reality, there are plenty of negative reviews about InvLiviana on the internet. Here's what real clients write:

  • The website hangs, and orders are executed with the maximum delay.
  • It's impossible to get money, as at the moment of processing the withdrawal, access to the personal account is blocked.
  • Annulment of deals.
  • Unrealistic spreads.
  • Unclear penalties and exorbitantly high commissions.
  • Absence of support service.
  • Provision of false signals.
  • Forcing the installation of a third-party application.
  • Lack of any information.
  • Paid multi-level courses.
  • Absence of verified financial instruments.

Many also wrote that the managers initiated contact first, called from different numbers, and exerted pressure. There were also complaints about the absence of encryption and falsification of news.

What's Wrong with InvLiviana's Website?

The webpage is underdeveloped. It's hard to find in a search engine, and the domain name registration was carried out about a month ago. The website hangs, the page refreshes slowly, and graphic elements are displayed incorrectly. Not all sections are filled, there are no contact details for communication. InvLiviana does not inform about risks, does not provide information about the legality of its activities.

There are several third-party links on the website, and you can familiarize yourself with the trading conditions only after registration. At the same time, verification is not provided, as well as two-factor authentication. The company does not recommend using antivirus software and encourages downloading unclear software.

InvLiviana - A Scammer. Proven by Facts

Apart from deceptive advertising, empty promises, and dirty tricks, the broker regularly charges unexpected commissions. It also applies a system of unclear penalties and uses bots to improve its reputation. This is another scammer, preventing the receipt of earned funds. Clients complain about the absence of payouts, therefore they do not recommend opening an account here. The company does not have free training, a training deposit, legal documents. InvLiviana behaves unprofessionally, insistently, and aggressively. Here's why you shouldn't trust them:

  • Trading conditions are available only after registration.
  • False information about the regulator.
  • Unclearly composed user agreement.
  • Inability to familiarize with the contract before its conclusion.
  • Implausible promises in the advertisement.
  • Imposition of penalties and application of sanctions.
  • Use of fly-by-night services for payments.
  • Annulment of positions.
  • Unrealistic spreads.
  • Quotes differing from market ones.
  • Absence of a secure connection.
  • Absence of risk information.
  • Hastily made website.
  • Recently registered domain name.
  • Promise of quick earnings.
  • Publication of false statistics and analytics.
  • Unclear trading tools.
  • Poor reputation.

The broker invented its story, got on the blacklists, and received many negative reviews. It has a debt to clients, as it does not fulfill financial obligations. Being a regular Forex scam, InvLiviana regularly launches implausible advertising and is a regular scammer, with whom it is not worth dealing. This company has a low rating, therefore it does not inspire trust, being the worst option for cooperation.

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