Investing Capitals: A Reliable Broker or a Fraudulent Scheme?
  • Lily Chen
  • 10.11.2023


In the world of Forex trading, choosing a reliable broker is a key step for success. However, there is always the risk of encountering scammers who masquerade as legitimate companies. One such contender is Investing Capitals. In this article, we will analyze this broker in detail to help traders make an informed choice.

Analysis of Investing Capitals Website

First Impression

The encounter with a broker begins with their website. Investing Capitals presents a typical template website that can be found with many other already accused of fraudulent companies.

Quality and Usability Issues

The site is sloppy, there are text errors and links to third-party resources. There is no integration with the services necessary for working on the financial market.

Lack of Customer Support

Investing Capitals does not provide any documents, and it is almost impossible to contact the support team. Mobile trading is also not provided.

Unfair Broker Performance

Unfair Practices

There are a large number of negative reviews about Investing Capitals indicating dishonest practices. The broker is accused of falsifying news and technical manipulation.

Suspicious Financial Transactions

Investing Capitals offers to use dubious payment systems and e-wallets to conduct financial transactions. There is no normal user agreement, and the site is constantly "moving."

Investing Capitals: Fraudulent Activities

Unlawful Manipulations

Investing Capitals pretends to be a legitimate broker, but the company has been caught falsifying news and engaging in technical manipulation. The broker regularly publishes false reports, presents invalid quotes and fictitious statistics, misleading traders.

Inability to withdraw funds

It is impossible to withdraw money from your account, which is confirmed by numerous negative reviews. Investing Capitals attracts clients with large amounts and low commissions.

Why You Shouldn't Trust Investing Capitals?

Investing Capitals lures clients with large sums and low commissions, however, cooperation with this broker will not lead to good results. Here are a few reasons:

  • Non-compliance with market standards
  • Lack of a normal user agreement
  • Delay in Order Execution
  • Offering dubious methods for financial transactions
  • Automatic closing of positions without warning the trader
  • No Risk Communication
  • The brand has been around for no more than a month
  • All contact and legal information is hidden
  • No control from the regulator

Investing Capitals: Scam or Legitimacy?

Based on all the above facts, it can be concluded that Investing Capitals is a fraudulent scheme and not a reliable broker. Traders should be careful and carefully check the broker before starting cooperation.

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