Cash Pro: Scammer Review
  • Lily Chen
  • 08.11.2023

It's essential to exercise due diligence when selecting a broker for your financial dealings. Unfortunately, the world of Forex has seen a proliferation of scam brokers, and Cash Pro is one such entity. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Cash Pro's fraudulent activities.

Evaluating the Broker's Website: Cash Pro

It's often said that first impressions matter, and a broker's website is usually the first point of contact for potential clients. A cursory assessment of Cash Pro's website reveals its dubious nature.

Website Design and User Interface

The Cash Pro website betrays its lack of professionalism. It is an ordinary template-based webpage, indistinguishable from countless others implicated in scams before. The website has a poorly designed interface littered with text errors, external links, and lacks integration with services necessary for legitimate stock market operations.

Moreover, the lack of a mobile trading option and an abundance of negative reviews further highlight Cash Pro's questionable operations.

Absence of Documentation and Ineffective Support

Alarmingly, Cash Pro fails to provide any official documentation to validate its operations. The customer support is virtually unreachable, adding to the growing list of red flags.

Cash Pro's Regulatory and Security Concerns

Cash Pro's questionable integrity extends beyond its shoddy webpage. The company is barely a month old, yet it has already garnered international regulators' attention and feature on their blacklist.

Non-existent Regulators and Unsecured Website

Cash Pro falsely lists non-existent organisations as its regulators, and its registration remains unverified. Furthermore, the website lacks a secure connection, leaving customers' data unprotected.

Personal Information at Risk

Without any special encryption for data protection, there is a significant risk of a data breach leading to personal information leakage and potential misuse by third parties.

Cash Pro's Manipulative Tactics

Cash Pro's fraudulent activities are not limited to its poor website design and non-existent security measures. The company employs manipulative tactics to confuse traders, leading them to make poor financial decisions.

Falsification of News and Data

Cash Pro has been repeatedly caught falsifying news and engaging in technical manipulations. It regularly publishes false reports, outdated quotes, and fabricated statistics, misleading its traders.

Consequences of Misinformation

This misinformation leads traders to make incorrect decisions and unfavourable deals, resulting in financial loss.

Cash Pro's Dubious Financial Operations

For carrying out financial transactions, Cash Pro recommends using a questionable bank account and e-wallet. Traditional payment systems are conspicuously absent, as is a standard user agreement.

Execution Delays and Automatic Closure

The website frequently freezes, and orders are processed with significant delay, sometimes even leading to automatic closure of positions. Multiple negative reviews point to the impossibility of withdrawing money from one's account.

Suspicious Website Features of Cash Pro

There's little to no information available online about Cash Pro, and its website is hard to find via search engines. The domain name has been recently registered, and there's no secure connection. The user interface is uncomfortable, with no categorical division and buttons that work erratically.

Absence of Information and Poor Quality Content

The website is riddled with numerous spelling errors and typos, and the homepage features an enticing offer of instant income with no risk. Some fonts are almost unreadable, and there's no information about payment systems or Cash Pro itself. Critical sections such as "About Us" remain empty, and the company's contact information is unpublished.

Suspicious Website Features

Here are some other suspicious elements on Cash Pro's website:

  • Link to download third-party software
  • Terms and conditions only viewable post-registration
  • Incomplete website pages
  • Absence of legal address and "Data Privacy Policy" section
  • No special encryption in use
  • Bank account number and e-wallet listed as payment details

Poor Website Performance

The website has a slow loading speed, frequently freezes, and displays graphs incorrectly. There are no news updates, and the comments from "experts" seem dubious. The quotes significantly differ from the market ones, and there's periodic advertisement pop-ups. The colour scheme is unappealing, and access to a personal account can be blocked without notice. Two-factor authentication is not available.

Cash Pro: A Scam Unveiled

Besides the evident problems with its website, Cash Pro has been caught inflating its rating and publishing false positive reviews using bots. If genuine customer reviews are to be believed, Cash Pro is a typical scammer that defaults on payments.

Aggressive Marketing Tactics

Cash Pro initiates first contact, often resorting to calls from hidden numbers and applying psychological pressure. It behaves rudely, aggressively, and persistently. It also conducts spam mailings on social media and frequently launches advertisements with incredible offers.

Reasons to Avoid Cash Pro

Based on the aforementioned points, here are reasons why you should avoid Cash Pro:

  • Non-compliance with market standards
  • Absence of a standard user agreement
  • Website lacks a secure connection
  • Execution delays in orders
  • Commission charges on withdrawals
  • Dubious methods suggested for financial transactions
  • Automatic closure of positions without trader's knowledge
  • Absence of risk information
  • Website not displayed in search engine
  • Brand barely a month old
  • Artificial demand creation
  • All contact and legal information hidden
  • No regulatory oversight
  • Access to terms and conditions only post-registration
  • Promise of instant earnings
  • Publication of false data
  • Absence of verified technical and financial tools
  • An abundance of negative reviews

Cash Pro: A Trust Deficit

The legality of Cash Pro's operations remains unverified. Its positive reviews are identical, published using bots, and its history is full of gaps. Cash Pro's registration cannot be verified, and the listed regulators are nothing more than a fiction. The website is poorly designed with all graphic elements rendered incorrectly.

False Promises and Lack of Support

Cash Pro is a scammer that lures unsuspecting individuals with empty promises of instant earnings. It fails to inform about risks, and there's no customer support. Training is chargeable, and the staff aggressively push not only non-existent investment products but also a "unique" course.


Engaging with such a company is ill-advised. Cash Pro does not command any trust since it lacks official registration, active licenses, and a list of verified payment systems. The information revealed in this article should serve as a warning for potential traders to stay clear of entities like Cash Pro.

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