Aviva Trade: Scam Forex broker review
  • Lily Chen
  • 13.11.2023

As an investment trader, your success largely hinges on the credibility and competence of your broker. They are your gateway to the stock market and their service quality directly impacts your potential earnings. Sadly, in today's digital age, the trading landscape has become riddled with unscrupulous entities engaging in technical manipulations and misinformation tactics.

Enter Aviva Trade, a Forex trading platform that has emerged as a disconcerting example of such untrustworthy operations.

Aviva Trade: A Closer Look at the Allegations

Aviva Trade has generated a substantial amount of negative buzz online, with numerous clients reporting financial losses, unprofessional conduct, regulatory breaches, and non-payment of dues. Their customer support is virtually non-existent, and the overall quality of their website and services leaves much to be desired.

What's more concerning is the lack of a clearly defined user agreement, coupled with promises of low commissions and zero-risk trading. Claims that seem too good to be true usually are, and in this case, all signs point to Aviva Trade as a scam operation.

Warning: Engaging with Aviva Trade could lead to financial losses, negative experiences, and the inability to withdraw your earnings.

The Red Flags

Numerous factors suggest that Aviva Trade is a scam. Firstly, the platform seems devoid of any legal documentation supporting its operations. Their website lacks any legal information, and financial reports are never provided. Moreover, the company's history appears sketchy, riddled with gaps and inconsistencies.

Aviva Trade has also been accused of using bots to post fake positive reviews and manipulating stock prices, artificially inflating or deflating the cost of certain stocks to create false market signals.

Here are some additional fraudulent tactics Aviva Trade seems to employ:

  1. Spreading False Information: Aviva Trade regularly publishes misleading reports and recommendations on their website and social media channels, leading traders astray.
  2. Spoofing: The broker mimics futures purchase/sale orders at lower costs, creating a false impression of a price drop.
  3. Artificial Demand Creation: Aviva Trade allegedly uses computer programs for purchases and sales, influencing the prices of financial instruments and enhancing investor interest.
  4. Use of Fictitious Investment Schemes: The company guarantees instant profits from non-existent products and frequently showcases falsified client results.

Aviva Trade: Transparency and Profitability Concerns

Transparency is a key factor in any financial transaction, and Aviva Trade seems to lack it completely. The company's profit claims seem exaggerated, and the withdrawal methods offered are dubious at best. Their representatives often initiate contact, aggressively pushing their services.

They offer implausible conditions, attempting to lure potential clients with promises of large profits and low commissions. The company is seemingly unregulated, and their registration information is hidden.

Why You Should Steer Clear of Aviva Trade

Aviva Trade's service has garnered a slew of negative reviews from clients who have fallen victim to their dishonest practices. Almost none of the clients have managed to withdraw their money, with many reporting pressure from the company's representatives.

Additional red flags include a non-operational customer support system, underdeveloped mobile trading, undisclosed additional commissions, and inaccurate quotations on their site. Here are more reasons to avoid opening an account with Aviva Trade:

  1. Lack of financial reporting
  2. Suspicious conditions
  3. Hidden user agreement
  4. Absence of licenses, legal documents, and contact information on their site
  5. The brand has existed for less than a month
  6. No educational resources provided
  7. Price manipulation
  8. Promotion of non-existent investment products

Aviva Trade seemingly flouts regulatory standards, consistently deceives clients, fails to meet obligations, persistently cold calls, and does not process payouts. It's advisable to steer clear of this broker to avoid financial losses. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


In the high-risk world of Forex trading, falling prey to scams like Aviva Trade can be a costly mistake. As an investor, it's essential to be vigilant, do your research, and only engage with reputable brokers. Remember, legitimate trading platforms will always provide transparency, professional customer support, and clear terms of service. Stay alert, stay informed, and stay safe.

Warning: Aviva Trade is a scam. Engaging with this broker could lead to a complete loss of funds. Trade safely.

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