Review InvstGazp: fraudulent Forex-broker
  • Lily Chen
  • 27.11.2023

Forex trading can be a lucrative venture, but it also comes with its share of risks. One of these risks is falling prey to scammers like InvstGazp. As a potential investor, it's critical to be aware of such fraudulent operators in the market. This comprehensive review will dissect the modus operandi of InvstGazp and offer insights into why it's essential to steer clear of such entities.

Initial Impressions and Red Flags

The first point of contact with any broker is typically their website. A cursory assessment of InvstGazp's website raises immediate concerns. The website design is formulaic and bears a striking resemblance to previously identified fraudulent sites. The site is poorly built, with errors in textual content, links leading to external resources, and a conspicuous absence of integrated services essential for seamless stock market operations.

A Closer Look at Their Online Presence

The InvstGazp website is not user-friendly. It lacks essential documentation and accessing their customer support seems impossible. Mobile trading isn't an option either. The web is rife with negative reviews about InvstGazp, hinting at their dishonest business practices.

Regulatory Oversight and Security Measures

Despite being a new entrant, InvstGazp has managed to attract the attention of international regulators, landing itself on various blacklists. The website lists non-existent organizations as regulators and fails to provide any confirmation of registration. To add to the woes, the site doesn't employ a secure connection, and there's no evidence of any specific encryption to protect customer data.

Customer Data: A Potential Goldmine for Scammers

The lack of proper security measures poses a serious risk of personal information leakage and its subsequent misuse by third parties. InvstGazp's nonchalance towards data security is a glaring red flag.

Dishonest Practices and Manipulation Tactics

InvstGazp has been repeatedly accused of falsifying news and resorting to technical manipulations. It routinely publishes false reports, out-of-date quotes, and fabricated statistics designed to mislead traders, causing them to make unfavorable decisions and lose money.

Financial Transactions: A Pathway to Scams

InvstGazp proposes the use of a dubious settlement account and an electronic wallet for financial operations. The absence of familiar payment systems and a comprehensive user agreement raises eyebrows. The website is prone to frequent lags, and orders are executed with significant delays. There have been instances of positions being closed automatically, and withdrawals are practically impossible, as echoed by several negative reviews. InvstGazp's modus operandi of luring investors with large sums and low commissions is a classic scammer's trick.

InvstGazp's Website: A Den of Deceit

InvstGazp's website is hard to find on the internet, and there's little to no information available about the platform. The domain name is recently registered, and there's no secure connection. The interface is uncomfortable, with no categorical division, and active buttons work intermittently.

Website Content: A Breeding Ground for Doubts

The website is riddled with typos and errors. The home page features an enticing offer promising instant, risk-free income. Some fonts are barely legible, and there's no information on payment systems or about InvstGazp itself. The "About Us" section is left blank, contact details are nowhere to be found, and standard market instruments are absent.

In addition to these issues, several other suspicious aspects of the website include:

  1. Links to download external software
  2. Conditions that can only be accessed post-registration
  3. Unfilled website pages
  4. Absence of legal address and "Privacy Policy" section
  5. No special encryption
  6. Account number and electronic wallet as payment details

The website has slow loading times, hangs frequently, and graphics are displayed incorrectly. There are no news updates, and the so-called "expert" comments appear dubious. Quotes significantly deviate from market rates, and unwelcome advertising pops up occasionally. The color scheme is unpleasant, and access to the personal account can be blocked at any moment. No provision for two-factor authentication is another worrying sign.

Signs of InvstGazp Being a Fraudster

Apart from issues with the website, InvstGazp has been caught inflating ratings and publishing false positive reviews, employing bots for this purpose. The positive comments are all monotonous, while the real customers label this as a typical scammer who doesn't pay out.

InvstGazp initiates contact, practices calls from hidden numbers, and exerts psychological pressure. They behave rudely, aggressively, and persistently. They indulge in social media spamming and regularly launch advertisements with incredible offers.

Reasons to avoid collaborating with InvstGazp include:

  1. Non-compliance with market standards
  2. Absence of a proper user agreement
  3. Website without secure connection
  4. Delay in order execution
  5. Commission for withdrawals
  6. Proposing dubious methods for financial operations
  7. Automatic closing of positions without trader's knowledge
  8. No risk information
  9. Website not visible in the search engine
  10. Brand existence of less than a month
  11. Creation of artificial demand
  12. Concealed contact and legal information
  13. No regulatory oversight
  14. Conditions accessible only after registration
  15. Promising instant earnings
  16. Publishing false data
  17. No verified technical and financial tools
  18. Large volume of negative reviews

InvstGazp is a broker with a tainted reputation and outstanding debts towards customers.

InvstGazp: Trustworthiness Questioned

InvstGazp's operations lack any legal backing. The positive reviews seem to be posted by bots, and there are significant gaps in their history. Registration cannot be verified, and the listed regulators are merely fictitious. The website is of poor quality, and all graphic elements are displayed incorrectly. InvstGazp has been known to spread false information, causing confusion among traders.

InvstGazp is a fraudster who entices with empty promises of instant earnings. There's no mention of risks, and customer support is non-existent. Training comes with a fee. Employees aggressively push for non-existent investment products and a "unique" course. It's best to avoid any dealings with such a company. InvstGazp cannot be trusted as it lacks official registration, valid licenses, and a list of verified payment systems.

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